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MATRIX GROUP Indonesia was established in response to the rapid development and growth of the Indonesian internet business. The growth of the internet has created an explosive inter ISP's local traffic, promoted from several facts, e.g :

  • An increase of number ISP currently reaching over 200 companies.
  • The consistent growth of internet connect and online game companies.
  • Very high local internet traffic, currently reaching over 28 giga peak traffic.

These developments bring challenges to make:

  • Efficient and effective interconnection utilization between the ISP and the network centre
  • Efficiency and effectivity network development
  • Easeness of estabilishing the infrastructure and compact cooperation with both local network providers and international network providers to all ISP's

MATRIX GROUP Indonesia is determined to provide solutions for these challenges by building an internet data centre which does not compete with any services provided by Telecommunications Operators, International Carriers, ISP's, Portals, or Server Co-Location provider; this simulates the internet businesses by supporting each other

Current rapid growth of the Internet creates an explosive inter ISPs local traffic reaching over 28 giga peak traffic


Services Scheme at MATRIX GROUP Indonesia

To successfully achieve the mission, MATRIX GROUP Indonesia has developed a different business and services scheme from other Data Centers in a way that:

Bandwith Provision - We have establish cooperations with Bandwith Providers, e.g. if an ISP co-locates its equipment in MATRIX GROUP Indonesia and in need of bandwith, the bandwith provider or carrier having a drop point in MATRIX GROUP Indonesia may be provide it; thus eliminates ineffectivity and inefficiency; thanks to the Ethernet link utilization (saving local loop charges and last mile bandwith limitation).

Local Telecommunication Provision - For local infrastructure area, MATRIX GROUP Indonesia's facility compiles to krone and AT&T certification. In fulfilling the requirements for Telecommunications Infrastructure, the clients may request to the local Telco operators and MATRIX GROUP Indonesia will assist to speed up the installation process of telecommunications cable capacity prepared within MATRIX GROUP Indonesia.

Radio Link and Satelite Dish Instalation Provision - Ensure the simplicity as ease the clients in installing the outdoor equipment, thereby allows an effective an efficient fulfillment of interconnection needs.

Server Co- Location Provision - Customers who only need to co-locate a server have a wide choise of ISPs and co-location companies exiting within MATRIX GROUP Indonesia.

The above facilities are up and available and may be utilized whenever needed. For your convience, the available selections of services from our partners are listed based on the type of services required.

All of the facilities prepared are ready and can be utilized whenever needed. For your convience, the list of clients is available based on the type of services



Training Room

Comfortably designed for 20 seat capacity and equipped with personal computers (PC) located at the heart of the Indonesian internet, it is the premier choice to conduct IT courses and training.


  • 20 seat capacity
  • 20 unit computers
  • 1 unit computer for trainer
  • Hi Speed Internet Conneection
  • Intranet

Function Room

A spacious area, designed for important events e.g. product launching, seminar, gathering, conference, etc. equipped with complete sound system & LCD (Overhead Projector-Liquid Crystal display)


  • Capacity 75-100 person/seat (theatre style)
  • White board + maker
  • Sound system
  • LCD + Screen
  • Internet Connection


24/7 online support

For Technical Support PT. MATRIX GROUP Indonesia can still be contacted 24 hours during the holidays through :

First Level Support
Email                        :
Phone                     : +6281234428000           ( Ponorogo Support )
                                   +6285234416000           ( Jakarta Support )
                                   +6285645733000           ( Surabaya Support )


Cyber Buliding 2nd floor
Karanggebang Jetis Ponorogo
Telp. +6281234428000


2nd Floor
Jl. Merdeka
Telp. +6285234416000


Jl. Prof. Surya Sumantri


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